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Materials for the Structure of My Home:

One of the most important factors to decide on when building a home is its framework and exterior.  Listed below are three of the primary building methods that Built Wright uses.

Wood Frame:

  • Wood frame is the most common method used in new home construction.
  • Wood Frame is very energy efficient.
  • Many times it is cheaper to use wood for framing.
  • Today wood frame homes are less susceptible to insects and decay.
  • Wood Frame houses are considered "Green Houses" because the are mostly biodegradable.

Concrete Block:

  • In tropical climates block homes act as a "Heat Sink" and keep the house cooler in the warm months.  However, in during cold weather months the block acts in the same way and makes it harder to heat.  Which could mean an increase in cost for heating.
  • At this time the price for concrete is up and this translates into a cost increase for block homes.
  • Concrete has poor insulation value.
  • Block homes have a slightly unfinished appearance requiring extra external materials to improve its appearance.
  • Concrete block is very strong and your house will last for generations.

Insulated Concrete Forms (I.C.F.):

  • ICF is structurally very strong.
  • ICF homes are extremely energy efficient, which offsets the initial construction costs due to savings in utility bills.
  • ICF can have R-values as high as R-50 !
  • ICF homes can be constructed as fast as Wood Frame or Block homes.
  • ICF homes are extremely insect resistant.
  • ICF homes, on average, cost %4 more than their block counterparts.

Leon's Quote


"I've always loved to build things.  When I was a child I built my first building.  A fort in my back yard.  Boy, I was proud, it even had a fire place in it.  Only problem was, it was made out of tree branches....  Yeah, you guessed it, the first time I lit the fire was the last....  That taught me a very important lesson.  Always know your building material."





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