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New Construction

So you have decided that you want to build Your Custom Home. There are several steps to complete prior to building your home.

We have to apply for permits this includes:

  •  Get permits from health department
  •  Road department
  •  Engineering plans from the truss plant
  •  Engineered plans signed and sealed for your house
  •  NOC - Notice Of Commencement from the bank
  •  An application from Zoning Department

A long story short there is a large amount of paper work that has to be completed prior to building, but we will be with you every step of the way. Once permits have been issued we can begin. THESE PICTURES will give you a visual aid on the steps in building a home.

Once the concrete is poured for the foundation, and it cures, we can begin the framing.  Once this step is complete the house really comes together, especially when the drywall goes up.

We always put a color sample up for you to review, we donít just rely on a little color chip to determine the whole color of you new home.  Sometime you have to see it on to visualize the rest of the house.

We only use the highest quality subcontractors, some have been doing business with me for over 8 years.  I am confident you will be pleased with their work and professionalism.  There isnít one that I wouldnít feel comfortable sending to my personal home to complete a project if I was unable.  Their dedication is second to none when it comes to your home.

Leon's Quotes


"Have you ever gone to a drive through to "Have it your way" and pulled off and found that what you ordered wasn't in the bag..... I have always hated that!  So, why other contractors that build homes would cause their customers undue stress just to make a quick dollar by doing the same trickery I'll never know.  But I can assure you, all our cards will be on the table.  We don't have anything to hide."





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