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Interesting Statistics Related to Owning You Own Home


The feeling of Satisfaction & Security - Knowing the your Custom Built Wright home was crafted to Your specifications, and meets Your needs.  You made it your own by choosing its design from the foundation to the roof and everything in between.

Increase in Value - Over time Your home will increase in value.  It is true that the housing market will fluctuate, but in the long run, Your Built Wright home will be worth more than what you will pay to have it built. This adds a measure of financial security to your life.

Tax Benefits - Homeowners are eligible for tax advantages through the state and federal systems.  Usually the interest on your mortgage is tax deductible and the state allows you to claim Home Owners Exemption for your primary residence.

There are societal and economic benefits to owning your own home :

  • Home ownership promotes healthy communities  Everyone takes pride in their own homes, ensuring upkeep and maintenance issues are resolved.
  • Promotes Community Bonds.  People are more open to their neighbors, creating a sense of unity.
  • Green & White wrote, in the Journal of Urban Economics, children of home owners have a significantly higher graduation rate than those who parents rented an apartment / home.
  • Green & White also wrote that home owners that have daughters had a much less rate of teen pregnancy than their renter counterparts.
  • If you would like to read their report please click here Green & White Report

As you can see in this day and age it is important for you and your children to have the security of a permanent residence.  Why not make it a custom home that You have chosen and Built Wright ?



Leon's Quote


"It's a statistical fact....  If you own your own Custom Home you will be more likely to have to mow grass."





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